The True Flat Earth Model?

‘Zetetic Flat Earth Lies

You Cannot Have 4 Corners on a Circle…


Note: This is not a flat earth debunking page, the earth is most definitely a flat and stationary plane. This page is about the current flat earth movement that I believe does not represent the real Biblical flat earth model.

Do not be so quick to just blindly jump on the Zetetic flat earth model without questioning any of its mechanics, just as we did with the Globe model. It is my own opinion that the Zetetic flat earth model was a controlled release by the United Nations to co-opt the flat earth rediscovery and revelation by subliminally getting flat earth believers to unknowingly promote the United Nations dominion over the world through the legitimate Truth of the flat earth. Let us begin with the inerrant Word of YAHUAH ELOHIYM.

“And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.” – Revelation 7:1

“He will go out to deceive Gog and Magog, the nations at the four corners of the earth, and gather them for war. They are as numerous as the sands of the seashore.” – Revelation 20:8

Most Biblical FE’s want to tell you that the square is outside of the circle. But let’s be honest this is obviously impossible to prove in reality, and most of them only believe it because they saw a picture with a meme saying so… However, this Scripture (along with tons of others) totally destroys the circle in a square idea… This model clearly does not work with reality and/or the Scriptures…

“He will raise a signal for the nations and will assemble the banished of Yashar’el, and gather the dispersed of Yahudah from the four corners of the earth.” Isaiah 11:12

We can all agree that the Scriptures were not written in English but Hebrew and Greek. The English word “corners” used in Isaiah 11:12 and “corners” in Revelation 7:1 and 20:8 are not the same meaning. The Hebrew word used for “corners” in this verse (Isaiah 11:12) is: “Kanaph”, which transliterated means: a wing, an extremity. And so it is talking about the 4 quarters of the earth which works on every earth model, circle, square, and globe. So this Scripture is not one that is used to describe the shape of any model, and will be tossed aside in this argument.

However, the English word “corners” in Revelation 7:1 and 20:8 is and can be and is used to describe the shape of the earth model. Because the Greek word for “corners” in these two verses is: “Gónia”, which transliterated means: an angle, a corner. And so it is speaking of the 4 vertices and vertexes ON which the 4 angels stand ON top of. That is why the 4 angels are both used in Revelation 7:1 and 20:8 and why they are NOT used in Isaiah 11:12, because you cannot have an angel standing on a quarter of earth…

Gonia vs Kanaph
Two different types of corners and two different contexts and uses.

And so you cannot have four angles, vertices, vertexes, and/or corners on a circle (let alone a globe)…

“But Job, Isaiah, and Solomon say circle, not square!” You?

Some think the word compass used in Proverbs 8:27 for instance is a drafter’s compass that you might find on the symbol of the masons for example, but actually, that is a different word in the Hebrew. The Hebrew word for that kind of compass is Mᵉchûwgâh. No, in this passage we have the word Choog, which appears only three times and is interpreted all three times differently: Job 22:14 “circuit”, Proverbs 8:27 “compass”, Isaiah 40:22 “circle”.

The translation of the Hebrew wordChoogas circle in Isaiah 40:22 for instance, can be transliterated as: circle, compass, or circuit, as in the cyclic light/darkness circuit of the sun, moon, and stars. That is to say, the cyclic light/darkness waves running across the square earth East to West in a straight line upon an electromagnetic circuit.

Parellel circuit and Series circuit
Remember electrical circuits can really be any shape in particular, even a straight line…

It is he that sits upon the {electric} circuit of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretches out the heavens as a curtain, and spreads them out as a tent to dwell in: Isaiah 40:22

It is my contention that if Isaiah was describing an actual 2-Dimensional circle he would have used the Hebrew word Sababwhich means:

  • Strong’s Concordance: To turn about, go around, surround, surrounded.
  • NAS Exhaustive Concordance: NASB translation; about (2), all around (1), around (2), around* (1), away* (1), bring back (1), bring… over (1), brought (2), brought around (2), brought about (1), change (1), changed (5), circle around (2), circled (2), circled around (1), circling (1), circuit (1), circumference* (3), come around (1), completely* (1), directed (1), driven (1), encircled (2), encircling (1), encompass (2), engulfed (2), escaped (1), faced* (2), flows around (2), form (1), gathered around (2), go about (3), go around (4), led around (2), made a circuit (1), make the rounds (2), march around (3), marched around (3), measured the circumference (1), opened (1), removed (2), returned (1), set (3), set* (1), sit (1), surround (7), surrounded (18), surrounding (2), surrounds (2), swinging (1), swirling (1), taken around (1), transferred (2), turn (13), turn around (2), turn aside (1), turn away (2), turn back (1), turned (12), turned about (4), turned around (2), turned aside (2), turned away (3), turned over (1), turned round (1), turning (5), turns (1), walk about (2), went about (1), went throughout (2).
  • Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance: Bring, cast, fetch, lead, make, walk, whirl, round about, a primitive root; to revolve, surround, or border; used in various applications, literally and figuratively (as follows) — bring, cast, fetch, lead, make, walk, X whirl, X round about, be about on every side, apply, avoid, beset (about), besiege, bring again, carry (about), change, cause to come about, X circuit, (fetch a) compass (about, round), drive, environ, X on every side, beset (close, come, compass, go, stand) round about, inclose, remove, return, set, sit down, turn (self) (about, aside, away, back).

Thick clouds are a covering to him, that he sees not; and he walks in the {electric} circuit of heaven.  Job 22:14

When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a {electric} circuit upon the face of the depth: Proverbs 8:27

Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them has he set a tabernacle for the sun, which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoices as a strong man to run a race. His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his {electric} circuit unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof. Psalm 9:4-6

It is a repeatedly tested, observed, and documented fact that the celestial equator is a straight line, not a circle. This is not remotely possible on the circular Zetetic flat earth model with an equator that “circles around us”. It is a repeatedly tested, observed, and documented fact that equatorial sun-dial shadows on the equinox move from left to center (no shadow) to right and back again (over and over again), that is to say the sun moves in a straight line from East to West across the equator on the equinox. The observed circular motion of the sun, moon, and stars is the illusion of their light/darkness waves creating a cyclic shape. Not to mention the simple observation that the sun’s paths in the southern hemisplane completely destroys the circular Zetetic flat earth model… This is simply not possible on the circular Zetetic flat earth model with a sun that “moves in a circle around us”. At least the globe is an actually working model of earth – utterly disproved, debunked, and ridiculous, but still working.

The sides of the North referenced in Enoch, Jubilees, Psalms, Isaiah, Ezekiel, etc. make absolutely no sense with a dome, because there are NO North sides on a dome… However, there are two sides on the square flat earth model, called the Foundations of Heaven. Foundations is always plural because there are two of them. Two giant walls connected to the Firmament and the earth, running North and South.

Until recently it was common knowledge that the ancients believed the earth is a square but if you do research on the internet you will find NO information on the square earth beliefs. Instead all major disinformation portals like Wikipedia have the square earth replaced with the North Pole centered Azimuthal Equidistant earth, as if the square earth belief has never existed. This is a deliberate cover up of history and facts. The earth is NOT a circle, it is a square similar to what will be presented with the videos below this. The earth is a stationary, enclosed, square plane, sealed by the firmament. It is not a circle.

Why the Zetetic Flat Earth Model

Is Wrong & Why it Matters


Do you want more people to realize the lies of NASA, Heliocentricism, and that the rotating Ba’al earth in “outer space” is a massive deception? Well one of the major reasons why they don’t, is because the official Flat Earth Society/Azimuthal Equidistant/1-poled circle earth model IS NOT reality, and is quite easily proven as false from both the Word of YAHUAH ELOHIYM and real life observations.

When people look at the Azimuthal Equidistant projection/United Nations flag model and realize it can’t even explain night and day properly, they don’t believe any of it and remain exactly where they are, under the illusion of the occult mass programming/globe indoctrination.

Being unable to investigate your own beliefs, or to debate ideas without emotional outbursts, is the sure sign of occult programming/brainwashing, especially when you didn’t formulate the ideas yourself and they actually came from someone else.

This video presents the earth a flat square, proved from Scripture, evidence and reason, for your consideration.

It doesn’t.

What is the TRUE Flat Earth Model?


I will now slowly incorporate shifting, after over two years of disproving the Globe model, to trying to PROVE the correct model. That is a big difference. Since there is no better source than the Scriptures, you will see I am going with that model until proven otherwise (good luck with that).

Note: I am not implying and “infinite plane” – the earth has ends. However, where the heavenly bodies reach the end of their path, they start over again where they started. 

Every Earth Model is Supernatural



Every proposed model of the earth – even from Scientism – requires a Creator. Although this is tried to be hidden with the Big-Bang, Heliocentric, Globe model – it still needs YAHUAH ELOHIYM – see the video for why. YAHUAH put physical laws in place that we can recognize and can’t be broken. Yet, have we discovered all of them? Do we understand a 4th and 5th, or other dimensions? When one of the laws of physics is broken, we can know something is wrong with our model. However, if an unknown force or undiscovered reality exists, that is evidence for YAHUAH ELOHIYM – no matter if known or not known.

No map, model, or depiction of the earth is 100% accurate – even if the Globe were a representation of the real thing – it is not 100% accurate – far from it! Once you recognize that fact that nobody will EVER depict a 100% perfect map (unless it is to 100% scale) then you can accept the best possible substitute. If you hold out for the perfect map, you will die wanting. 

How You Know

The Earth is a Flat Square


It’s true “The Flat Earth Society” is run by the Occultists of NASA, and the 501(c)(3) Corporate churchianity have been training masses to think in poles, circles, and curvatures for centuries. The goal was to make masses embrace a dipole earth/globe. Whereas star trails clearly indicate the earth being a flat square.

Flight Paths Explained

GPS International Coordinate System

Is Based on a Flat Square Earth


Do you want to know why flight path are elongated on cylindrical projections? It is because they are being suited to fit a globe model… THAT’S IT. It is not because it’s actually the insane Azimuthal Equidistant projection map being “covered up. Many may refuse to believe it but the coordinate systems, navigation, and GPS actually work with a 2-Dimensional grid system (with the surface of earth divided in equal squares including at Arctic and Antarctic areas) that is based on a square flat surface. The earth has no geographic poles. The International Coordinate System is based on a square earth, what more to say? Not believing in the earth being a stationary flat square is to not believe in navigation devices, GPS, coordinates, since they all have a square earth as their base. The earth is a flat square, and we are in a “space loop”.


  • Coordinate systems
  • International mapping systems
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)
  • United States National Grid (USNG)
  • World Geodetic System (WGS84)

Now take a look at the marine traffic in the southern hemisplane:

Marine Traffic

They’re going the ways Zetetic flat earth-rz want to proclaim aircraft never go…

View their departures, current positions, and destinations live here:

Obviously this certainly is not practically feasible at all on the Zetetic flat earth model. The earth is a flat square, not a circle

The Coriolis Effect

On the Square Flat Earth


How the real Coriolis Effect works on the stationary square flat earth.

Foundations of Heaven & Seasons

On the Square Flat Earth


The Northern and the Southern halves share same features such as the “midnight sun”, and white nights, while the only official explanation for that is the earth being a sphere… It can also be explained on a square earth as well. Just like the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese, and any other advanced societies did for thousands of years. The two Foundations of Heaven, also mentioned in the Scriptures (2 Samuel 22:8 and Matthew 24:29) provide:

  1. Day length
  2. Time zones
  3. Seasons

The Glass Firmament

On the Square Flat Earth


The atmos and atmospheric refraction are cover ups of the firmament. The firmament described in Genesis 1:6-7 is about as high as the alleged upper atmos and it is a flat plane.

The Space Loop Explained

On the Square Flat Earth


We are in a “space loop”, the earth is a flat square, and going East/West you come back to where you started, which can be proven with the stars.

The Space Loop Explained Further

On the Square Flat Earth


On the square flat earth there is a “space loop” at Longitude 180° West and Longitude 0° East. This creates what’s called the “Pac-Man” phenomena.

The Revolution of Light

On the Square Flat Earth


The Luminaries run from East to West on a straight path. Their observed circular path and position is an illusion caused by electromagnetic fields.

The Field of View & Horizon Line

On the Square Flat Earth


We are in a “space loop” and objects are interconnected through a light chain between the eight neighboring cylinders. This is why the range of vision of objects and field of view is always a 360° circle, increasing and decreasing depending on the altitude.

4-Dimensional Perspective

& the Horizon Line

On the Square Flat Earth


The horizon line and the field of view is a 4-Dimensional phenomena. An observer has a 4-Dimensional light body that intersects the surface at the circle of sight which is experienced as the horizon line. The circle of intersection is always eye level. Ships disappear in the distance as soon as they exit the observer’s circle of view which creates the illusion that the surface was curved.

The Square Flat Earth

Part 5: The Horizon Line

& Disappearing Ships


The field of view is the 4-Dimensional light body. The circle of intersection between the light body and the surface is experienced as the horizon line whereas it doesn’t matter how high you are the circle of view always remains eye level.

The Three Heavens

On the Square Flat Earth


The twinkling of stars indicates 3 heavens and a second celestial solidity.

Motion of the Sun On

The Square Flat Earth


We all know about earth’s magnetism and it’s effects on animals and nature in general. However, it also bends sunlight creating the illusion of a circular motion. But in reality the sun, moon, and stars with their motion in the sky are light waves running along the two Foundations of Heaven that we perceive as a circuit. Everything runs from East to West on a straight path in a cyclic “space continuum”, for lack of a better term.

The Arctic & Antarctic Midnight Sun

On the Square Flat Earth


Since the invention of the Zetetic earth model in the 19th Century, people have been looking for alternative explanations for their everyday life observations, such as:

  • The presence of 2 celestial magnetic poles
  • The straight celestial equator
  • The sun’s straight path on the equator during the equinox
  • The Arctic and Antarctic midnight sun

The square flat earth model explains all of these phenomena easily.

“But there is no Antarctic midnight sun!” – You?

Antarctic midnight sun footage:

What more do you need? You believe the Arctic midnight sun videos which are the exact same as these Antarctic midnight sun videos but won’t believe these ones??? That’s called being foolish, either both the Arctic AND Antarctic midnight sun is real and you need to change your model, OR both are fake and you still need to change your model… Yes, I have seen ones that are obviously faked which raises questions as to why they would fake it, if it’s real. I know most Zetetic flat earth believers will call fake on these but I don’t believe they are fake.

Also, there is a city called Punta Arenas, Chile which receives almost 17 hours of daylight on December 21st, while the Arctic receives zero, and Europe/North America receives around 8-10 hours. This cannot happen on the Zetetic flat earth model, it’s impossible!

Just these two videos alone completely disprove the United Nations’ earth model, but work completely fine on the square flat earth model. Choose this day whom you shall serve… The Truth? Or the United Nations…

Moon Phases Prove Curved Light

On the Square Flat Earth


We always observe the same side of the moon everywhere on the flat earth, this is only possible when light is curved and cyclic. Despite the commonly held conception of moon being merely a “reflector” for the sunlight, observation and experiments prove the moon is giving off its own light with its own properties, read Moonlight is Cold & Cools.

Lunar Eclipses Explained

On the Square Flat Earth


Lunar eclipses occur when the umbra of the sun and the outline of the moon’s light body align moving along the their straight paths across the square flat earth plane.

Strange Sounds Explained

Tower of Babel Sodom & Gomorrah

& the Square Earth Connection


Strange sounds prove we are living in a Divinely created complex by no other than EL ELYON YAHUAH ELOHIYM. Everything we see in the sky is part of His perfect design, as well as the field of view that is supposed to be “the curvature”.

Earth’s Magnetism Proves Foundations

Of Heaven & the Square Flat Earth


The earth has magnetic fields, but what creates them? Occult Pseudo Scientismists claim it is from the “6200°C hot molten iron core.” But from a technical point of view a magnet loses its magnetic qualities when it’s temperature exceeds the curie point. The curie point of iron is 770°C – which disproves the official theory in all sense… Earth’s inner core could and does not generate magnetism. However, on the stationary square flat earth the two Foundations of Heaven create the positive and negative poles.

Magnetic Declination Lead to

The Foundations of Heaven

& the Square Flat Earth


The alleged magnetic North pole has been used as a cover up for the two Foundations of Heaven.

Motion of the Stars & the Celestial Poles

On the Square Flat Earth


Stars are waves. The circular motions of stars and celestial bodies are light waves running along the magnetic walls at 90° Latitude in the North and 270° Latitude in the South. The closer a star/the sun and moon is to a Foundation of Heaven the smaller its light cycle. 

Stars in the Firmament Explained

On the Square Flat Earth


The stars are electromagnetic, sonoluminescent, superconductivital, cymatic lights projected by a sphere, and propelled by Aether waves.

Annual Cycle of Stars & Constellations

On the Square Flat Earth


The night sky and the position of stars changes throughout the year due to a difference in speed between the sun and stars. The star ball in Heaven moves approximately 5 km/h slower than the sun and falls behind the sun for six months until the sun approaches from the East again for another six months and catches up with the star ball. The year is defined by the time it takes for the sun to catch up with the stars, from April 1st to March 31st.

4-Dimensional Light &

The Point of Convergence

On the Square Flat Earth


Light is still one of the biggest mysteries of our cosmology. Scientismists cannot explain all the anomalies of light (and therefore ignore them) and instead “focus” on the exploration of the fictional attractive “gravity” and on “exploring” fictional stuff related to “gravity” since that seems to be the most profitable and the most misleading sphere at the same time in mainstream Occult Pseudo Scientism.

The following video contains some of my thoughts and analysis about 4-Dimensionality and the 4-Dimensional nature of light that (at least to me) explains it all. Light is an infinite 4-Dimensional construct with a highly complex structure that most probably has never been fully understood or explored to the full. The Basic principle is that we don’t perceive the light source (or object reflecting light) but instead the light is converging where the light source is.

So if the 4-Dimensional light body moves, the observer is looking into the point of convergence of the 4D construct, which creates the illusion of looking into the moving object itself. In reality the object acts as an infinite construct and not as a 3-Dimensional corpus as opposed to the 3-Dimensional (Heliocentric) Occult Pseudo Scientism.

The UTM Grid & Military Maps

Prove the Earth is a Flat Square


Universal Transverse Mercator Grid System divides the earth in squares. Each grid zone on the UTM map is divided in perfect squares of 10 000 square km and each of the squares is divided in squares of 100 square km, each 100 sq. km square is divided in 1 square km squares, etc. down to an area of 1 square meter. The squares are neither big nor small enough to ever overlap or intersect. This proves that the grid zones are rectangular areas.

The very concept of coordinate systems is based on the rectangularity of all areas and all rectangular units must have the same size. This is crucial for the Coordinate System Navigation GPS. Longitudes do not converge but instead longitudes and latitudes transverse at 90° angles. The Transverse Mercator Map is the universal map of the world for a reason, because it’s the actual map of the world

But let’s just say what everyone says, “The continents are all wrong on the UTM”, well it doesn’t matter because both the Patterson Cylindrical Projection and the Gall-Peters Projection work exactly the same as the Universal Transverse Mercator Projection. The continents are not the focus of this model, but the actually shape of the model thereof. 

Analemma & the Gates of Heaven

On the Square Flat Earth


The earth is a flat square, as depicted on the UTM grid map and it repeats from East to West/West to East. It DOES NOT repeat from North to South. The square earth concept DOES NOT suggest North/South circumnavigation. Going North or South you would end up at the Foundations of Heaven ALONG the latitudes 90° in the North and South. The Chambers of the sun, moon, and wandering stars however are outside of our universe/space-time and the 6 gates of Heaven connect our universe/space-time with that of the Chambers. Each time the sun enters in the Western gates it remains there for several hours to receive light for another day. When the sun approaches the eastern gates to start the next course it is being set back in time to the exact same point of our universal time at which it started entering the Western gates, this results in an apparent seamless retrograde motion. 

Antarctic Climate vs. Arctic Climate

On the Square Flat Earth


The Antarctic is known for its extreme climate, extreme summers, and cool winters. The reason why the South is generally much cooler than the North is because the sun is lower in Perihelion (winter months) as opposed to the mainstream Rowbothomian, circular, flat earth model (the Azimuthal Equidistant Projection), which says that the sun is higher during winter months. In reality it gets colder when sun light is coming in flatter. The lower the sun the flatter the light. Flatter sunlight causes cold. In the North in Aphelion (summer months) the sunlight hits the earth more directly as it is higher above the earth, providing more heat.

Aether & the Chambers of the Sun &

It’s Analemma on the Square Flat Earth


This video deals with frequency and sand patterns, with Aether and illustrates the chambers of the sun, moon, planets (wandering stars). All plants, animals, and life forms in general are 3-Dimensional patterns in the Aether the primary light, through which everything came into being, as stated several times in the Bible.

The sun enters the chambers in the West, which are outside of our “space-time”, every 24 hours, where it stays for several hours to receive light for another day. When it has received light it enters the Eastern chambers through portals in the Western chambers and approaches the Eastern openings, which lead back to our space-time. Also described by Enoch as “the six portals in the East”.

Note: The website SquareEarthCosmology is still under construction and will be available soon.


Dual Astronomy

The Vatican’s Greatest Secret

About Creation Revealed

Dual Astronomy

The Truth About Booming Dunes

That Will Blow Your Mind. . .


Booming dunes or singing sands are created by the aether. The typical humming sound coming from dunes is perturbation in the aether.

More Information & Proof of the Aether

        If you believe that you live on a spinning globe, think again. The spinning globe earth paradigm is a 500 years and running conspiracy perpetrated by the Jesuits, the Vatican, Kabbalists, and the Freemasons. There is no observable curvature on earth and motion has never once been detected. NASA has never been passed “low earth orbit” and the moon landing was obviously staged. Once you understand the consequences of living on a stationary, enclosed, rectangular plane, you’ll start to see why this information and knowledge is so important. Note, we are not the Flat Earth Society. They are controlled opposition to keep people away from flat earth Truth. This is a website with some of the best flat earth videos, documents, and documentaries on the internet. Unlike the Space & Universe channel with their phoney ISS live feed of earth from space, this website is jam-packed full of facts that provide flat earth proof. The flat earth is not a theory and it has not been debunked. Though we are forced to theorize on what an accurate map of the earth may look like, at least we don’t make wild claims such as earth is spinning ball, heliocentricism, gravity, and everything came from nothing.

        Earth is a stationary, enclosed, rectangular plane, set on pillars just as it appears and just like our senses have always told us. NASA lies and is spearheading the campaign to deceive you and the rest of the world. Space X and other “aerospace” companies are a part of the deception, at least the owners and employees at the highest echelons. To clarify, not every scientist, pilot, school teacher or NASA employee is in on this ordeal. Don’t let these Occultists, fake space programs, and mainstream Scientism fool you. Think critically, logically, and do your own re-search before blindly believing that you live on a spinning, pear-shaped, oblate spheroid flying through an infinite black void of darkness and chaos that has never been proven.

This post is intended for the viewer to start asking questions!

Wake up, look up, and let your quest for Truth begin!

All credit is due to the realist community!

Thank you so much for all the research and hard work!


Amein, and shalom!